AssetIT – IT Asset Management for Jira

Today, companies obtain and manage an extensive array of technology. It is challenging to record accurate and up-to-date information about their assets and utilize that data effectively to optimize cash flow, extract the most value possible, and reduce risks. Fortunately, companies with hardware and software assets can benefit from AssetIT, DevSamurai’s new IT Asset Management for Jira Software. It is a simple, effective way to track every asset, value, and lifecycle. Yet, that’s not all it can do. The state-of-the-art app can also compile and produce customized reports, providing exactly what you need when you need it.


Every software and hardware asset has a finite lifecycle, which means companies must extract its value or maintain optimal value in a certain amount of time. Likewise, there are different lifecycle stages where value may change, or needs may vary. For instance, as hardware ages, it often needs more maintenance or upgrades, changing the total cost of ownership. AssetIT is the perfect way to track, record, and manage all data automatically and conveniently.

Over the years, some IT Asset Management software has made the process more complicated and confusing. DevSamurai kept this in mind while developing their advanced application, AssetIT. They are well-known for developing highly desired, innovative app features while managing to keep things accessible and manageable. AssetIT is no different, helping companies manage their assets and consumables easily. They said goodbye to complicated interfaces, hard-to-read spreadsheets, and Complex Change Management Database (CMDB). Whereas these elements may be time-consuming and difficult to understand, DevSamurai strives for simplicity.

Notability, AssetIT is excellent for both small and large companies alike, no matter their number of IT assets. The customizable asset inventory and management style accommodate unique needs and grant much-needed flexibility. Companies can tailor categories and fields to ensure data is tracked sufficiently and optimally. They can also input exclusive information such as model types, location, asset check-ins and checkouts. Since the application does not force rigid constraints and procedures upon the company, they can document essential and necessary data.

DevSamurai is also working on a highly-coveted features: custom automated reports. Companies will be able to choose different reporting formats, fine-tune which data should be included in the reports, and export the data to easily-consumable files such as Excel, CSV, and PDF. Whether you need to send up-to-the-minute information to key stakeholders or maintain a copy for your own files, it is all right there in one single source of truth (SSOT). AssetIT may offer companies one of the most substantial advantages regarding IT Asset Management and Optimization. It provides the flexibility and custom-tracking and reporting options that modern-day organizations need. At the same time, it manages to decrease the complexity of most IT Asset Management software, improving the average user experience.

AssetIT for Jira is one of the most innovative and robust programs on the market. If you are looking for a simple and effective solution, try it for free today!