TeamBoard for

Resource planning

With Resource Management for, users can visualize and allocate their
team’s resources efficiently. The feature provides a comprehensive
overview of the team’s workload, helping managers and team members make
informed decisions about resource allocation.

Visualize tasks
Schedule tasks with ease

Easy to plan

By using intuitive drag-and-drop functionality, users can assign tasks and
projects to specific team members, ensuring a clear distribution of

See the big picture

Teamboard Resource planning offers valuable insights into resource availability, helping managers identify bottlenecks or potential resource constraints in advance.

Easy-to-Manage Planning Cards
OTHER Mode Support

Integrate with

Integrates with other aspects of, such as People,
Timelines, Calendars, and Task management, provide a holistic view of
projects and resources.

Support all UI modes

available on the marketplace

We build additional apps for Jira, Confluence and to empower Teams worldwide

TeamBoard TimePlanner

A comprehensive solution for functional managers to manage resource from many aspects such as Employee Profile, Time Tracking, Timesheets, Vacation/Leave, Holiday, Billing Rate & Cost.


LeanBoard Collaboration in Jira and Confluence

A lean digital workspace visualizes and enables collaboration for all workflows, meetings, brainstormings sections

Scrum Planning Poker

Agile planning & estimation tool. Quickly estimate user stories while having fun with team in Jira Agile Planning Poker session

Mocky wireframe & diagram

Quickly visualize ideas & requirements to communicate effectively. Prototype, sketch, wireframe, mockup & diagram for any UI

Team Decision – Polls & Votes for Confluence

Team Decision is a Confluence Cloud Plugin enables Confluence users to have discussions and make decisions together in Confluence page. You can create various types of decision such as Proposal, Check, Poll, Dot Vote, Score Poll, Time Poll, Ranked Choice and gather responses from your team in Confluence, no need to move to other apps like Doodle.



AssetIT Asset Management for Jira

Asset management for Jira to track hardware assets, software licenses & consumables. Insight assets alternative ITSM, ITAM, CMDB


Roadmaps and Product Discovery for Jira

Portfolio roadmap, timeline, ideas creation and prioritization. Project management, Gantt chart structure, releases & milestones