AssetIT – Asset Management for Jira

IT Asset Management (ITAM)

AssetIT, an Asset Management for Jira, is designed for organizations of all sizes in asset management, including tracking physical (hardware) assets, software assets (licensing), and consumables.

Key Features:

  • Asset categories and models to group common features.
  • Asset details, assigned to whom, and their physical location.
  • Custom fields for additional asset attributes.
  • QR code generation.
  • Inventory management, assets life cycle, and workflow.
  • Assets linking with Jira issue.
AssetIT - Asset Management for Jira
Asset Inventory Management

Asset Inventory Management

Asset Categories, Asset Models, Location

  • Categorize assets by model and location for easy reference.
  • Manage assets efficiently with a check-in/check-out system.
  • Track software licenses, accessories, and consumables.
  • Customize fields and field sets to fit your specific needs.

Customizing Reports

Report Builders, Report Storage

  • Gain insights into all IT assets through various reporting styles.
  • Customize data selection to meet specific needs.
  • Report builder to tune the exact data you need Export to Excel, CSV, and PDF.
Reports in AssetIT - Asset Management for Jira
asset booking and reservations

Asset Booking System

Asset Booking, Reservations, Loans

  • Allows for the simple booking of specified assets.
  • Enables the tracking and control of all asset reservations.
  • Allows users to manage their own asset bookings.
  • Displays an overview of all assets that have been checked out.
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AssetIT Asset Management for Jira

Asset management for Jira to track hardware assets, software licenses & consumables. Insight assets alternative ITSM, ITAM, CMDB


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