Privacy Policy

DevSamurai’s Privacy Policy outlines our steadfast commitment to your privacy and data security. Explore our policies to understand how we protect your information and maintain trust through transparency and dedicated security measures.

Our Commitment to Your Privacy

  • No Personal Data Collection: We do not collect, process, or store any personal or identifiable information across our apps and services.
  • No Data Selling: Our privacy policy ensures that no personal data is collected, thereby eliminating the possibility of selling or sharing such data with third parties. Upholding your trust remains our paramount concern.
  • Technical Logs Only: We only collect technical logs to maintain service integrity and swiftly address any issues.

Our Security & Compliance Standards

  • SOC 2 Certified: DevSamurai is proud to be SOC 2 Type II compliant, underscoring our commitment to the highest standards of security and privacy for our clients’ data.
  • Trusted Subprocessors: We partner with leading subprocessors to enhance our services such as Google Cloud Platform, Atlassian, Vanta, etc.
  • Continuous Commitment: Our choice in subprocessors and SOC 2 Type II compliance are part of our ongoing commitment to data security, privacy, and operational excellence.

Cross-Platform Security Assurance

  • Unified Security Standards: DevSamurai applies rigorous security protocols across all platforms, from Atlassian to Salesforce, Microsoft, and
  • Tailored Security Measures: We recognize the unique security demands of each platform and tailor our approach to meet the specific security requirements of each one.
  • Continuous Security Updates: Our commitment to security is dynamic. We continuously monitor and update our applications on every platform to defend against the latest cyber threats.

Information Through Contact Forms

  • Data Collection Purpose: Initially, we use the personal information collected through our contact forms exclusively for communication purposes.
  • Privacy Respect: We deeply value your privacy. As a result, we never share the information you provide via contact forms with any third parties.
  • No Data Processing: We limit ourselves to only the necessary communication needs. Therefore, we do not process your personal information beyond this basis.