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Team management, capacity planning and reports for teams marketplace partner

TeamBoard – Resource Management for

Team management, capacity planning and reports for teams to visualize projects and team’s time.

  • Resource planning
  • Easy to plan
  • See the big picture
  • Support all UI modes – Project Management Features

Project Planning

You can use to create project plans, set deadlines, assign tasks and resources, and track progress

Project Tracking’s project tracking features help you track metrics, such as project budget, burn rate and project velocity.

Project Reporting’s reporting tools give you visibility into your projects and help you identify issues and risks.

Project Templates comes with a library of project templates that you can use to jump-start your projects. – CRM Features

Lead management

You can use to track your leads, assign them to sales reps and monitor their progress through the sales pipeline.

Contact management’s contact management features help you track your customers and manage their contact information and communication history.

Deal management

Keep your deals organized, set deadlines and monitor your sales process with’s deal management features.

Reporting and analytics’s reporting and analytics tools give you visibility into your sales pipeline and help you identify trends and opportunities. – Content Marketing Features

Content planning

You can use to plan your content calendar, assign tasks and deadlines and track progress.

Content creation

Team members can share their content for review and approval. Once approved, move the piece to the next step in the content pipeline.

Content curation

Teammates can share links and add comments to help you curate the best content for your campaigns.


Deployment Options


Atlassian Cloud

SaaS version run on Atlassian Cloud. Fully
managed by Atlassian



Server version deployed on your on-premise or
Cloud. You manage and have full control



Trust DevSamurai to host and manage for you on
our partner Cloud Platforms

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