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User Story Mapping for Jira

DevSamurai User Story Mapping plugin brings all flowwing capabilities to you within Jira

  • A visual model of a Product Backlog from the users perspective
  • A tool for deliberate product discovery and learning
  • A way of creating a shared understanding
  • A method of exploring product capabilities and features
  • A prioritisation and release management tool
  • A way to build consensus between teams
  • A visual representation of progress and scope

TeamBoard - Resource Management for Jira

Managing project resources, planing tasks, checking team’s capacity, logging time, timesheet, reports .. All on a visual board

LeanBoard Collaboration in Jira and Confluence

A lean digital workspace visualizes and enables collaboration for all workflows, meetings, brainstormings sections

TeamDecision - Polls&Votes for Confluence

Team Decision is a Confluence Cloud Plugin enables Confluence users to have discussions and make decisions together in Confluence page.

You can create various types of decision such as Proposal, Check, Poll, Dot Vote, Score Poll, Time Poll, Ranked Choice and gather responses from your team in Confluence, no need to move to other apps like Doodle.


Password Expiry Policy

A tool for Jira admin to configure expiry policy, choose Jira groups as targets of the policy. Notification will be sent before expiry, if users didn’t change their password account will be disabled.

We build additional apps for Jira and Confluence to empower Teams at all levels ​

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