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Resource Allocation

Facilitate efficient resource allocation within your Jira workflow.

Better Task Prioritization

Offer advanced task prioritization and automation, and assist teams in focusing on the most critical tasks.

Data-Driven Decision-Making

Provide real-time analytics and reporting capabilities, enabling teams to easily track progress and monitor performance.

Project & Portfolio Management

check Manage Multiple Projects:
To seamlessly allocate resources, prioritize tasks, and ensure all projects stay on track.

check WBS Gannt Chart:
Offer better planning and execution. Critical path analysis, and auto-scheduling for complete project schedule control and efficiency.

check Project Planning & Scheduling:
Visualize tasks, milestones, and dependencies in a calendar format, allowing for easy timeline adjustments.

Tools for work management
Resource Management - Work management tools

Resource Management

check  Resource Capacity Planning: Track and adjust resource availability, ensuring optimal workload distribution.

check Manage Resource Profile: Easily set up and update resource profiles, ensuring accurate data

check Manage Teams: Monitor team performance, balance work distribution, and ensure timely task completion.

check Real-time Reporting: Gain instant insights into test results and progress, making data-driven decisions with confidence.

Time Tracking, Timesheets

check Timelog: Encourage team members to consistently log hours, ensuring accurate time tracking for every task.

check Timesheet Approval Workflow: Quickly log hours within Jira with automatic summaries

check  Leave / Vacation Management: Automatically track and update leave balances for each employee.

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Cost Management

check  Resource Capacity Planning: Allow for a granular view of your project’s budget, helping manage expenses efficiently.

check Task-Based Cost Planning: Help you manage the financial aspect of task allocation.

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Work Management Solutions by DevSamurai

Elevate your team’s workflow with TeamBoard – Devsamurai’s work management solutions. Effortlessly drag and drop tasks, track capacity planning, all-in-one place.

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Resource Planning, Project Management, Gantt Chart for Jira

Top-rated capacity planning solution for projects, programs, and portfolios. Work management, tempo, structure timeline, WBS Gantt chart & risk management for Jira.
TeamBoard TimePlanner

Team Capacity Planning, Time Tracking & Timesheets for Jira

One-stop solution for Time Tracking, timesheet in Jira, Team Management, Resource & Work Management, Team Calendar, Team Tempo, Workload, Cost & Invoice.
TeamBoard for

TeamBoard – Resource Planning for

Boost team efficiency with TeamBoard on for streamlined capacity planning and dynamic project and resource reporting.

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