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Do you ever find yourself needing to gauge team sentiment or gather input on a project within Confluence Cloud? Wrangling decisions through emails or endless meetings can be cumbersome and time-consuming.

Introducing Team+ Polls, your one-stop solution for creating interactive and informative polls directly within your Confluence Cloud workflows!

Imagine this:  You’re outlining a new marketing strategy in Confluence.  Wouldn’t it be helpful to quickly poll your team on preferred campaign ideas or content formats?  With Team+, you can do just that – all within the familiar and collaborative environment of Confluence Cloud.

Best Features Might Fit Your Needs!

Create a Poll

With Team+, you can effortlessly create polls to gather opinions and streamline decision-making within your team. Polls enable quick feedback collection on various topics, promoting transparency and inclusivity in your decision-making processes.

Poll - Use a poll to measure popularity or offer a choice

Start a Rank Choice

By starting a Rank Choice vote, you empower your team to rank options in order of preference, facilitating a structured approach to decision-making. This feature promotes thorough evaluation of alternatives and helps identify the most preferred choice, leading to more informed and effective decisions.

Start a Dot vote

Dot Voting simplifies the process of prioritization and consensus-building by allowing team members to allocate votes to options they deem most important or favorable. This feature enables efficient and transparent decision-making, ensuring that everyone’s input is heard and considered.

and many vote formats wait for you to explore like Support Proposal, Score Poll, and Time Poll.

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Effortless Polling within Confluence Cloud:

Team+ Poll Vote Tool removes the friction from gauging team opinions. Here’s how it simplifies your workflow:

  • Seamless Integration: No need to switch between platforms! Team+ functions as a Confluence Cloud macro, allowing you to effortlessly embed polls directly into your Confluence pages.
  • Simple Setup:  Creating a poll is a breeze.  Just a few clicks and you’re ready to customize your question, answer options, and voting style (single or multiple votes).
  • Flexibility at Your Fingertips: Team+ caters to various polling needs.  Whether you want anonymous voting for sensitive topics or personalized responses for accountability, Team+ offers the customization you need.
  • Real-Time Insights:  Track voting progress as it happens.  Team+ provides clear visualizations of results, allowing you to make informed decisions based on real-time data.

Dot Vote - A way to prioritise a list of options

Team+ Polls empowers you to streamline communication and boost team collaboration within Confluence Cloud. With its intuitive interface, real-time insights, and flexible customization options, Team+ equips you to make data-driven decisions and achieve better results together. See for yourself how Team+ can transform your Confluence workflows – visit us on Atlassian Marketplace to learn more!

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