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Unlock full potential of Agile journey

By streamlining communication, boosting transparency, and providing real-time feedback, agile tools become the invisible hand guiding agile development teams to success.
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Streamlined Workflow

Plugins seamlessly integrate with your existing Jira platform, saving time and effort.

Enhanced Collaboration

Foster transparency and real-time updates with dedicated channels for discussions, feedback, and knowledge sharing.

Quality at Every Corner

Seamlessly manage testing within your Jira workflow, from test case creation to defect tracking and reporting.

From Fog to Focus: Crystal-Clear Story Maps & Priorities

Ever feel like your project’s goals are a blurry mirage? Get laser-focused with:

check User Story Mapping: Visually organize ideas and map user needs to features, prioritizing what matters most.

check Roadmap Planning: Chart your course with clear timelines and milestones, keeping everyone on the same path.

check Persona Power: Understand your users inside-out and build features they’ll actually love.

Crystal-Clear Story Maps & Priorities
From Solo Scrum to Super Squad

Collaboration Champions: From Solo Scrum to Super Squad

Struggling to break down communication silos? Unleash the power of teamwork with:

check Planning Poker: Estimate tasks collaboratively and avoid scope creep, ensuring realistic deadlines.

check Agile Retrospectives: Learn from both wins and stumbles, constantly improving your workflow.

check Daily Standup Supercharged: Share progress, roadblocks, and kudos in minutes, keeping everyone synced and motivated.

Quality Champions: Bugs Be Gone, Confidence Built

Worried about buggy releases and unhappy customers? Breathe easy with:

check Effortless Agile Testing: Integrate testing seamlessly into your workflow, catching bugs early and often.

check Automated Hero: Take repetitive tasks off your plate, freeing up time for innovation and creative problem-solving.

check Real-time Reporting: Gain instant insights into test results and progress, making data-driven decisions with confidence.

Bugs Be Gone, Confidence Built
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Agile Development Solutions by DevSamurai

DevSamurai’s Agile tools bring your team’s workflow to life with colorful story map boards and clear roadmaps. Drag tasks, track progress, and ship amazing software, all in one place.

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Agile User Story Map, Roadmaps & Personas for Jira

ProductGo transforms your backlog into colorful maps and clear roadmaps. ️ See the big picture, prioritize user needs, and build software people love.
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Planning Poker, Agile Retrospectives, Daily Standup for Jira

A toolbox for Agile teams to estimate, prioritize product backlog, conduct retrospectives, daily standup & team health analysis
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Agile Test & Enterprise Test Management for Jira

Test management for Jira with all testing strategies: Script, Explanatory, Sprint, Defects, Requirements, BDD & Test Automation

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