Leanboard - Whiteboards for Salesforce

Lean & Agile tool for team collaboration

LeanBoard- Whiteboards for Salesforce comes equipped with a wide range of cutting-edge features, empowering users to visualize business models, workflow, plans, ideas, and meetings on a virtual whiteboard.

  • Unlike Miro, Mural, and other similar tools, Leanboard by DevSamurai is a structured visual agile board.
  • A rich collection of templates to visualize business and IT processes.
  • Agile boards, story maps, customer journeys, PI Planning, business modeling, retrospectives, and more.
  • Support custom templates.
LeanBoard - Whiteboards for Salesforce
Team collaboration on whiteboards for Salesforce

Collaborative whiteboards for Salesforce for all members

LeanBoard facilitates seamless collaboration among members by enabling working ability on the same page for multiple users simultaneously. With whiteboards for Salesforce, everyone can contribute their ideas, make updates, and see changes happening in real time, fostering a more efficient and dynamic working environment.

Seamlessly visualize any Salesforce objects

LeanBoard also empowers users to link any Salesforce object type and visualize it beautifully on the whiteboard. From choosing Objects to selecting any defined Display fields, you can enhance collaboration among members to the fullest.

Make sure that everyone in your team can collaborate seamlessly on the same visual whiteboard in Salesforce. Enhance your team’s workflow to the fullest!

Whiteboards for Salesforce

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