Agile Test for Jira

Comprehensive Test Management for Jira

AgileTest Management allows teams to efficiently manage their testing efforts, ensuring better collaboration, visibility, and control over the testing process


  • Streamlined Test Planning
  • Centralized Test Case Management
  • Seamless Integration with Jira
  • Improved Test Execution and Tracking
  • Real-time Reporting and Metrics
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AgileTest Scripts & Exploratory Test for Jira

  • Overview: Find comprehensive general information about the entire project
  • Milestone: Specific points that signal anchors along a project timeline.
  • Scripts: Provides a quick way to write test script, checklists with the editor, execute and record test results in-line.
  • Sessions: Manage test sessions and ad-hoc tests for fast-release cycles and continuous delivery.
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Test Management

  • Requirements: Guideline and constraint that shape the design, development, and implementation of the project.
  • Preconditions: Ensure that the system or application being tested is in the desired state and meets the necessary prerequisites for the test
  • Test Case: Verify the functionality, performance, or other quality attributes of the software.
  • Test Plans: Encompass the identification of test objectives and the establishment of a timeline for the testing effort.
  • Test Executions: Verify whether the software or system functions correctly, meets the specified requirements, and behaves as intended.
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Reports for Jira

  • Test Coverage: Analyze the status of the requirement in terms of testing based on the latest execution results for different scopes.
  • Test Traceability: Display/Trace the requirements directly based on the Test Coverage
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