Mocky for Confluence

Mocky for Confluence: Visualize ideas into wireframes, mockups, & diagrams

Our intuitive drag-and-drop interface and enriched element collections enable Confluence users to effortlessly draw UI, wireframes, mockups, and many more with outstanding management abilities.

Key Features:

  • Simple to use interface for drawing wireframes, mockups, diagrams, etc.
  • Provides rich tool sets for prototyping all kinds of applications and devices.
  • Create and manage your design projects with ease.
  • Easily revisit your last created designs.
Mocky for Confluence
Draw UI, wireframes, diagrams, and more

Draw wireframes, diagrams, & mockups for Confluence

Our Mocky for Confluence provides a feature-packed solution for visualizing ideas:

  • Wireframe: Better display the functional elements of your website or page.
  • MockupsSee how your final product should look like in reality.
  • Diagrams: Represent your structural ideas in visualized drawings.
  • Revision History: Compare the differences among your designing versions.
  • Easily draw and share your designs with your team members and stakeholders in the Jira issues.

Better management with Visual Listings

This feature allows you to manage designs like never before:

  • Grid: Get the full view of all your designs in the project. Monitor and manage with ease.
  • Map: See how one design is related to another in your project. Decide which one needs to be completed first in your project.
  • Workflow (or Kanban): Manage your designs as tasks in a seamless workflow. Keep track of the progressions of each design.
Manage designs with Visual Listing
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