Whiteboards for monday.com


Dive into a canvas of infinite possibilities where you can freely add, modify, and remove elements to visualize your ideas and plans seamlessly. This dynamic space is perfectly suited for brainstorming sessions, project mapping, or visualizing complex concepts.

Whiteboards for monday.com
LeanBoard for monday.com


Focus on essential elements with a condensed mode, optimizing space within your table while maintaining clarity and efficiency. This feature is especially beneficial for teams and individuals who prefer a clutter-free environment that highlights key components without sacrificing clarity or functionality.

Templates Selection

Choose from a diverse range of templates tailored to various needs. Whether you’re embarking on a basic project or diving into agile methodologies, our Template Selection offers a tailored starting point that aligns with your objectives.

LeanBoard Templates
Whiteboard elements


Elevate your board’s functionality with the ability to include basic elements that showcase the true potential of your canvas. This feature empowers you and your team to personalize your workspace by adding, adjusting, and integrating essential components as needed.

Live Collaboration

Collaborate in real-time with your team members, allowing for seamless communication and instant feedback, no matter where they are located.

live collaboration

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