Project Portfolio Management for

Advanced Gantt Chart Views

Allow users to tailor the Gantt Chart view (daily, weekly, or monthly) for their unique needs. Easy to organize subtasks by drag-and-drop in the Gantt Chart and customize display options to alter colors by task status or group item.

Gantt chart views
Portfolio Management

Streamline Portfolio Management

PPM for streamlines project management, enabling simultaneous oversight of multiple projects and ensuring seamless coordination and alignment of milestones and resources of projects.

Establish Project Baselines and Milestones

Effective task timeline management, including milestone highlights in the Gantt Chart for monitoring key tasks and completion, and project baseline identification to track progress over time.

Manage milestone & Project baselines
dependencies & Auto-Scheduling

Auto-Scheduling & Dependency Management

Streamline task management with automatic scheduling to avoid common errors and clear dependency management that showcases task interrelations, facilitating an orderly execution sequence.

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