Planning Poker

Effective Planning Poker

Planning poker is a popular agile estimation technique which is used to estimate the development time of requirements or tasks.…
Agile Scrum Planning poker

Top 10 Scrum Planning Poker Tips

If you are planning to use Planning Poker as an Agile estimation technique, you most likely prioritize simplicity and efficiency…
Agile Estimation Techniques

Agile Estimation Techniques

Have you ever estimated that product development will take a certain amount of time, and fall within a specific budget,…
Polls_Votes_for Confluence

TeamDecision – SNS for Confluence

When workers have equal opportunity to convey their ideas and participate in teams, a workplace flourishes. Employees should remain connected…

Top Enterprise Social Network Apps

Enterprise social network platforms enable, collect, and organize open discussions and information exchange among employees and groups inside a company.…