AgileTest Test Management for Jira beta release

DevSamurai, today announced the launch of the beta version of its AgileTest Test Management for Jira. The app is designed to help teams better manage, track, and analyze their software testing initiatives.

AgileTest is an all-in-one test management solution for Jira that provides complete support for all types of testing strategies. The beta version enables Test Script and Test Session.

With its powerful editor, users can create more comprehensive test scripts and checklists. Additionally, it has enhanced exploratory testing, session management and note taking capabilities, enabling users to more effectively manage test sessions and ad-hoc tests for faster release cycles.


AgileTest Test sessions


AgileTest is ambitious to also provides full test case management, including Test Case, Test PreCondition, Test Suite, Test Steps, Test Plan, Test Run and comprehensive reports.

In the long term to maximize efficiency and usage of the tool, it will also have open APIs, CLI features and integrates with automated Test, BDD, CI/CD pipelines and DevOps tools.

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