Effective Planning Poker

Planning poker is a popular agile estimation technique which is used to estimate the development time of requirements or tasks. This technique is commonly used in software development teams to help them determine the amount of time and resources needed to complete a project.

The goal of planning poker is to reduce the risk associated with inaccurate estimates by getting the entire team to work together to come up with a consensus on the size of a work item. Planning poker is a great way to ensure that everyone on the team understands the requirements and the necessary steps to completing the task.

Here are some tips for doing planning poker effectively:

Prepare for the meeting

Before the meeting, make sure to have a clear understanding of the task and the resources needed to complete it. Have a plan for how the team will discuss and estimate the task, as well as what kind of information needs to be gathered.

Set the tone

Set the tone of the meeting by setting ground rules, such as no interrupting or taking too much time. This will help to ensure that the discussion stays focused and productive.

Have a facilitator

Having a facilitator is important to ensure that each team member has the opportunity to explain their point of view and provide their estimate. The facilitator should also be able to recognize when there are disagreements and help to find a consensus.

Use a timer

Setting a timer for each round of planning poker is a great way to keep the conversation moving and ensure that the team is able to come to a consensus in a timely manner.

Record the estimates

Recording the estimates is important to ensure that everyone is on the same page. This can also help the team to review the estimates and make sure that everyone is in agreement.

Use AgileBox Planning Poker for Jira

By following these tips, teams can ensure that planning poker is conducted effectively and efficiently. This will help the team to come to a consensus on the size of a work item quickly and accuratelyAgileBox Planning Poker supports you all the tips and can help you save a lot of time but still be effective and productive. Check it out


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