TeamBoard for Salesforce

Manage work seamlessly

With TeamBoard for Salesforce Resource Planning, users can visualize and manage their team’s work efficiently.

  • Intuitive Task Assignment: Allocate, sort, and edit tasks to team members easily with drag-and-drop in an Excel-like table.
  • Customizable Kanban: Visualize your team’s tasks in board columns to reflect your unique workflow.

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Easy Resource Planning

Simplify your planning with TeamBoard’s intuitive drag-and-drop functionality. View your team’s capacity scheme and manage workloads precisely.

  • Workload Overview: Gain informative insights into your team’s workload for better decision-making.
  • Balanced Workloads: Ensure a clear and equitable distribution of tasks among your team members.

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Tracking & Report made simple

TeamBoard for Salesforce offers great abilities to track and manage time logs, aiding managers in identifying potential bottlenecks or resource constraints with reports.

  • Effortless Time Tracking: Monitor invaluable real-time data for tracking project progress and managing resources efficiently.
  • Generate Reports: Create detailed reports to analyze performance and communicate results effectively.

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