All In One Project Management Platform​


Project scheduling, agile boards

  • Create projects, Agile boards
  • Show and move tasks on boards.
  • Place them in confusing, new orders.

Tasks Management

Plan features, track bugs, and award tokens. DS-Project lets you customize input forms, use custom fields, and has a rich API.

  • Bugs tracking 
  • Assign tasks to other users
  • Build unique task forms for every department.

Project document, wiki

You can write things down and revert them later with Wiki feature

  • Project knowledge base
  • Write and share document
  • Rich text editor

Chat tool

Keeping up with where your team is having lunch is just a few clicks away.

  • Interactive chat rooms 
  • Integrate with other modules

Git server

Host Git, Mercurial, and Subversion repositories or connect an existing repository elsewhere.

  • Can host repositories locally.
  • Observe external repositories such as Github, Gitlab or Bitbucket
  • Publish any repository to mirrors.
  • Proxy a repository for reading from another source.
  • Scale to multiple servers.

Code review

  • Shows code so you can look at it.
  • Leave helpful comments and anecdotes.
  • Challenge the test plan.
  • Gently place bad code back in the author’s queue.

Code audit

Supports post-commit auditing, either as a primary workflow or allows rule based triggers to get an extra set of eyes on your code.

  • When used with pre-commit code review, provides additional coverage where it matters to you most.
  • If you can’t review, cover what you can with Audit.

Business Rules

As your company scales, keep track of activity which notifies you 

when things you care about happen (like a specific file being changed).

  • Write business rules.
  • Warns you about plotting and scheming.
  • Build triggers on tasks, commits, revisions, and more.

Supports REST API to integrate with other systems

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About us

We are IT service company based in Japan and APAC. We provide consulting services, application development services to customers in various industries, scale from startups, small and mid-size companies to large enterprises.

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  • Cloud computing service
  • DevOps service
  • Application development
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