Build your own online store or marketplace

DS-Marketplace kit enables you to create your own online store or any type of marketplace you like. Professionals can list their services, Traders can list their products, Estate agents can list properties and more.

Sell items

Sellers can list items, variants of products, add shipping options and additional options such as gift wrapping


Owners can list items such as tools, cars, space, lodging and lease it. They can charge per day or per night.

List services

Professionals and groups can list the service they provide, e.g. yoga sessions, room cleaning, dog walking, tours & activities. Buyers can select a date and time that suits them.

Advertise listing

Ideal for estate agents, car sellers or expensive items that require discussion before making a purchase. Advertisers can list their items and receive messages to their inbox.

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We are IT service company based in Japan and APAC. We provide consulting services, application development services to customers in various industries, scale from startups, small and mid-size companies to large enterprises.

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